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Kobold2D™ Documentation

The All-In-One, Ready-To-Go development solution for cocos2d-iphone developers. Open source, ARC enabled, for iOS & Mac OS.

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Level Up!

The Learn Cocos2D Book

Line-Drawing Game Starterkit

Excellent template code for creating your own Line-Drawing game, similar to popular titles such as Flight Control, Harbor Master, and Pirate Bay.

The iPhone RPG Engine

Rapidly create your own RPG or action-adventure game with this complete starter kit. Includes an ebook, game source code and a royalty-free art package.

The Most Important Changes & Additions
  • Maintenance release, no new features but lots of bugfixes and tweaks.
Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • fix gesture pan, rotation and pinch velocity property not reset to 0.0 when fingers don't move
  • fix wax headers in User Input template prefix headers not in #ifdef ObjC section
  • fix crash connecting outlets in Cocos2D With UIKit template: MyView ViewController released too early
  • fix KKGameKitHelper class being unavailable (linker error)
  • fix KKInput anyTouchBegan/EndedThisFrame possibly being true over multiple frames if used with certain gestures, for example Double-Tap
  • add header search path to FontLabel library
  • fix mouse scroll wheel error on Mac OS X 10.6 due to calling hasPreciseScrollWheelDelta function available only in Mac OS X 10.7
  • fix iAd crashes on devices with iOS 4.0 and 4.1
  • fix iAd orientation issues when starting app in landscape mode
  • added C functions: macOSVersionMajor(), macOSVersionMinor(), macOSVersionBugFix() to obtain the Mac OS X system version number at runtime through Gestalt.
  • fixed a potential and sometimes intermittent linker error that some users reported and is apparently caused by missing i386 architecture for Simulator builds
  • fixed "performSelector may cause a leak" warning in Pinball game project with ARC enabled
Libraries updated
Known Issues
  • Updating existing projects: you may have to update your project's BuildSettings*.xcconfig files. To do that, create a new project with Kobold2D v1.0. Then replace the BuildSettings*.xcconfig files in your project with those from the newly created project to update your build settings.
  • If you get: file not found libarclite_macosx.a then you are building a 64-Bit App under Snow Leopard with ARC enabled (which is the default). There may also be other build errors on Snow Leopard with Xcode 4.2 and building 64-Bit Mac Apps that are related to ARC. You need to disable Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) in the Build Settings of that project, because you can only build ARC apps for Mac OS X under Lion.
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