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Kobold2D™ Documentation

The All-In-One, Ready-To-Go development solution for cocos2d-iphone developers. Open source, ARC enabled, for iOS & Mac OS.

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Level Up!

The Learn Cocos2D Book

Line-Drawing Game Starterkit

Excellent template code for creating your own Line-Drawing game, similar to popular titles such as Flight Control, Harbor Master, and Pirate Bay.

The iPhone RPG Engine

Rapidly create your own RPG or action-adventure game with this complete starter kit. Includes an ebook, game source code and a royalty-free art package.

The Kobold2D Folders

Looking at the Kobold2D folders after installation, you should see folder contents similar to the ones in this example Finder screenshot:
The __Kobold2D__ folder contains all Kobold2D files. Unless you know what you are doing or even plan to contribute to Kobold2D it is highly recommended to leave all files in the __Kobold2D__ folder and its subfolders unchanged.

The Kobold2D Workspace

In each ~/Kobold2D/Kobold2D-X.Y is a Kobold2D.xcworkspace (referred to simply as the "Kobold2D workspace") which you can open with Xcode 4 or newer. By default the Kobold2D workspace will contain all of your projects. You can also create your own workspace.

Do not open the .xcodeproj of a Kobold2D project - this will fail to build. You always have to open a project's .xcworkspace file, which in addition to your project also contains the mandatory Kobold2D-Libraries project.

Your Kobold2D Projects

After installing Kobold2D the Kobold2D workspace contains only the Kobold2D libraries project. You need to create a new project from a template project before you can work with the Kobold2D workspace.

Here's a screenshot of the Kobold2D workspace from the development branch, which contains all template projects:

Each project in the Kobold2D workspace has its own scheme that allows you to switch projects quickly and easily. Once you get to work on your second Kobold2D project you'll enjoy being able to quickly look up your previous project(s) files.

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