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The All-In-One, Ready-To-Go development solution for cocos2d-iphone developers. Open source, ARC enabled, for iOS & Mac OS.

Kobold2D in a Nutshell

Kobold2D uses the popular cocos2d-iphone game engine, adds frequently used code, integrates the popular libraries and wants you to be more productive and enjoy learning and developing iOS & Mac OS X games. Kobold2D provides extensive documentation and lots of example code to learn from and start with.

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ARC Ready To Use
Example Games
Xcode Help Integration
Online API Reference
Offline API Reference
Lua Integration
Platforms iOS, Mac iOS, Mac
iOS Example Projects 3 15
Mac OS Example Projects 1 12

Enabling ARC in cocos2d-iphone requires manual Xcode project changes.
Kobold2D API References are complete with all libraries' references separated by platform.
Kobold2D has iOS & Mac targets in most Template Projects by default.

Kobold2D includes Cocos2D, all features of cocos2d-iphone are available. Kobold2D is free & open source and distributed under the MIT License.

Kobold2D Gets You Started!

Kobold2D includes a large number of Template Projects to learn from and as basis for your own projects.

Getting Started Templates
Particle Effects
Sprite Batching

Advanced Templates
Physics Engines
Ortho & Iso Tilemaps
UIKit Integration
User Input Handling

Game Templates
Pinball, Doodle Drop,
Parallax Shoot'em Up

View the entire list of available template projects...

Kobold2D Packs a Punch!

Kobold2D includes many popular libraries. They're setup and ready to use — no need for you to fumble with Xcode build settings!

Cocos2D + Extensions
For iOS and Mac OS X
For iOS


iSimulate Lite

All of the following libraries are ready to use, no fumbling with Xcode required. Just include the header file and start coding. Libraries which you aren't using won't increase your app's size!

Kobold2D Brings a Bag of Tools!

We hate manual labor. We despise repetitive, error-prone, time-consuming tasks. That's what your computer should do for you — Kobold2D includes several tools to make your life easier!

Kobold2D Installer
Yes, you can just install it!


Project Starter Tool
Create & use template projects!


Project Upgrade Tool
Upgrades your projects to a newer Kobold2D version!

Kobold2D Cares!


Kobold2D User's Guide
Offline & Online API References
Xcode Help Integration


Growing Community
Great Products
Frequent Updates


User-Driven Development
Following A Vision

Level Up!

The Learn Cocos2D Book

Line-Drawing Game Starterkit

Excellent template code for creating your own Line-Drawing game, similar to popular titles such as Flight Control, Harbor Master, and Pirate Bay.

The iPhone RPG Engine

Rapidly create your own RPG or action-adventure game with this complete starter kit. Includes an ebook, game source code and a royalty-free art package.